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We are redesigning Bathworks Products to focus on what you need. Clean, Relaxing & Healthy for Your skin gives you satisfaction about what Bath & Shower really is

We only allow natural ingredients for your skin

We have created the best and most satisfying bath products you will ever use. We guarantee that every ingredient we use is the best and is made specifically for the comfort and health of your skin.


Coconut Produces the most environmentally friendly & nutritious oil compared to Olive, Argan, and other oils in the world. Coconut oil has been linked to many health benefits for our skin because of the nutrition they produce. Our supply of Coconut Oil from Indonesia, Non-GMO & we guarantee the best quality coconut oil in the world.

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1 Liter - Hand Sanitizer

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Hand Sanitizer ukuran 1liter baik untuk refill dan kegunaan secara besar. hand sanitizer 1 liter ini ada yang dalam bentuk gel maupun liquid spray